To connect local sports communities with their student-athletes, provide exceptional training and make the college sports experience accessible to everyone


We came up with the idea of MyPro because we saw that it would benefit both the customer and the student athlete. A userfriendly and convenient IT assisted tool (APP for Smartphone) to bring people together through collegiate sports is the main goals of MyPro. It will be a great experience for all different ages and levels to train and learn from collegiate athletes. Athletes (that are e.g. not on full scholarships) will be able to work in the sport they are passionate about instead of regular jobs between semesters and classes. It also strengthens the community impact which boosts the overall relationship between the schools and the local community

The Founders

Sahil Deshmukh

I am originally from Pune, India where I spent most of my free time on the tennis courts. I grew up to be a successful junior tennis player before moving to the United States to play college tennis for the University of North Florida. After four academically (B.A. Business Management) and athletically successful years at UNF, I worked for a one year at Southeastern Grocers and at various country clubs (as a coach) before going to get a Masters of Science in Business Analytics at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas which I graduated from in spring 2021.


Till von Winning

I grew up in Schopfheim, Germany playing multiple sports such as soccer, skiing and especially tennis. After turning 19 years old, I moved to the United States to study and play college tennis at the Ferris State University in Michigan before transferring after two years to the University of North Florida (B.A. Economics). Post-graduation, I worked at Deerwood Country Club in Jacksonville, Florida (as a coach) for one year before starting an MBA degree in fall 2020.




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